IWAY hosting Regional Tournaments

For the first time IWAY will be hosting Regional Tournaments that will, in turn, qualify wrestlers for the IWAY State Championships. In 2014 we hope to have four different Regionals: North, South, East, and West. These qualifying events will be held on March 29 or 30, 2014. At this time we have host sites for the North, East, and West tournaments. The hosting schools can be seen below. We would like to thank these schools for agreeing to hold a tournament.

North – Naperville North High School
East – St. Joseph-Ogden High School
West – Knox College

We are still exploring options for the South site. If you are interested, please contact us. The IWAY State Championships will be held at North Central College on April 5, 2014.


2013 IWAY Individual State Championships

2013 IWAY State Championships


IWAY supports development and creation of opportunities to advance the sport of wrestling in Illinois by giving youth wrestlers the opportunity to learn and compete at all levels. Through a united purpose Illinois wrestlers will be able to compete at the highest levels nationally. IWAY’s mission includes the development of sportsmanship and character through discipline, work ethic, and respect for all of life’s challenges.